A good friend’s life before knowing me

In this interview, I chatted with my friend about many different aspects of her life. I got to learn more about her in the process. :)

friends sarvin (16) and sataish (16) asking deep questions and talking

Kendall Stimart and Cole Rozwadowski

[Recorded Friday, March 1, 2024] UVA students Kendall Stimart (19) from Leesburg, Virginia and Cole Rozwadowski (20) from Culpeper, Virginia recorded a One Small Step conversation as a part of their course 'Public Service and Democracy.' Their conversation focused on...

Jade and Ellie interview

Jade Li, 21 y/o Ellie Chason, 20 y/o Friends and undergraduate students at Vanderbilt University We discussed what we are proudest of, what kind of people we want to be remembered as, and how we feel about each other.

Recording m&w – 03-13-2024 18:05:28

This is an interview with Marri (18), she is my best friend. We spoke about random things, mostly about our friendship and future. My name is Whitney and I conducted this interview as a class project.

My IT Friend George

George Arce he is 24 years old and my relationship is that he is a good friend that I had in school. He was the IT manager at my school and helped me learn a lot of life lessons.

Charles Patrick senior Interview

Jacob Williams (14) and Nathan Allen (14) interview Charles Patrick (18) and attempt to draw out his experience as being a student at Fairbanks High School.

Interview With Fariza Islam

Allison Nguyen interviews her best friend Fariza Islam on her early childhood and school experiences. She recounts funny stories she had as a young child, and what she thinks of school.