Meaningful Meal Interview

Lesley and I have been friends for over 6 years and we discuss about our favorite and most memorable meals with each other.

interview wit nyah & nadi

the interview is between two friends asking 20 more questions bout each others life and background getting to know eachother more

Recording – 05-08-2024 17:42:15

My interview was for my biggest influence in my life. I interviewed my childhood friend Isaiah from 3rd grade. I asked him questions about life and how he sees our friendship.

Interviewing my good friend Gianmarco – 05-08-2024 13:34:56

Today I interviewed my good friend Gianmarco. We dove deep into his elementary years, his current life, and the ambitions he has in the future.

Grayson and Tanner

Grayson 19 American Tanner 18 Canadan Talks about his experience in America

Day Bibb and Jacquie Hill

Day Bibb tells her friend Jacquie Hill what it was like to grow up in Portland, survive domestic abuse, and start a skin care company and a non profit. Jacquie discusses her passion for yoga, and how it helped her...

Maddy and Carmen – 5/3/2024

Maddy Wallor (19, Caucasian) interviews Carmen Lester (prefers not to say but over 39, African American) about Carmen's life and how her experiences have shaped her as a person. Carmen is my mom’s college best friend who she is still...