entrevistando a César Catana

Cesar Catana(48) inmigró a los estados unidos cuando tenía solo 17 años y hoy va a compartir su historia!

Grandmother Gloria

This interview is between Sylvester (21 M) and his paternal grandmother Gloria (84 F). Sylvester seeks to discover information his father’s heritage and genealogy as well as upbringing with the help of his uncle Johnny Will Magee.

Mona Wilson, DeWayne Simmons, and Joseph Hall

Cousins Mona Wilson (61) and DeWayne Simmons (32) and their friend Joseph "Joe" Hall (52) speak about Creole culture and zydeco music.

Drake LeBlanc and Maaliyah Papillion

New friends Drake LeBlanc [no age given] and Maaliyah Papillion [no age given] discuss their creative processes and the importance of sharing their cultural heritage through art.

Famiy History – Weadock, Seth
November 29, 2023 App Interview

Talking to my mom about events and people in her lifetime that have shaped and changed her perspective of America and society as a whole.

A talk with grandma

During the interview between Elijah Fingerson and Melinda Wentz, ages 15 and 64 respectively, in Lincoln City Oregon on November 27, 2023, Melinda recounted many life experiences, from her childhood, to raising her own children. We also discussed our family’s...

Conversation with Grandpa

I am interviewing my grandpa in my room on November 23, 2023. I was 11 in this interview and my grandpa is 72.