Interview with uncle jr

We were mainly talking about school and people who have impacted my uncle a lot.

KJ Brown and Joesph Brown.

KJ [15] asks their father, Joesph Brown [52] about his high school experiences.

Test on Jess

Just a friendly conversation between two bestest friends.

My Parents 101
September 26, 2021 App Interview

Getting more in depth with my parents early life, high school, military and beyond!

Interview with my Mom

I interviewed my Mom about her time in school and what kind of student she was. I also asked her about what she thought of my school experience.

Testimony – Diana Shidaeva : Balancing Identities

Diana, a junior in high school, speaks on her experience as a Chechen and as a Muslim growing up in America.

Life lessons

In this interview I talked with Katherine and she talks about self love. She also gave me advice as a high school student and she told me her biggest accomplishment as a student.

Mom and Dad’s Story

Mom and dad’s story about how they got together, their wedding, and their hopes and dreams for Nolan and I