60’s interview with my grandma ingrid eisman

Overview of the 60’s through my grandma’s eyes. She came to the U.S in the early 60’s and is now 70 years old.

Grateful for the Grateful dead?

Oscar (16) talks to his father, Jonathan(48) about the grateful dead, and his constant love, but also disassociation with certain parts of the fanbase.

Kerry MacLane and Laurel Sears

Laurel Sears (38) interviews her father, Kerry MacLane (64), about his childhood, his cross-country adventures, his life in Montana, and their family's organic farm. They also discuss Laurel's upbringing and look back on shared memories of one another.

ImpeachMint #2 with Bill Large

Trump was just impeached again and what it meant for my dad and the 1960s.

Kristin Arnoldi and Bob Bowden

One Small Step conversation partners Kristin Arnoldi (43) and Bob Bowden (60) discuss politics and reaching across the divide.

Erin Miller and Ginny Cady

Erin Miller (42) talks with her mother Ginny Cady (69) about Ginny’s experience losing her mother at seven years old, how that affected her childhood and how she honors her mother through her own mothering style. Ginny recounts memorable moments...