my childhood

In this short short recording I ask my Hispanic mom about how she perceived me when I was a new born and what she would want for my future kids.

A talk with my parents

I talk with my parents about where they were raised and how it’s like being an immigrant and also what they think about me

Cristina Larios & Joe Nowinski – An American Story

Cristina Larios (16) talks to Joe Nowinski (33) about her experiences traveling the Americas. Cristina is an American Citizen who grew up in Nicaragua and came to the tiny Almond-Bancroft High School in rural Almond Wisconsin. Joe Nowinski is her...

The Heart of a Grandma: “Being Alone depresses me a lot” SPANISH interview

Honoring my “abuela” by allowing her to tell her story and share about her difficult childhood. She expresses her love for her children and grandchildren and her hope for them. In May 2013, her husband and our grandfather passed away...

Brian and Caleb

the main focus was on memories and general life experiences.


This is about my mom and how she grew up and what it is like being hispanic.