Teri Lee Lloyd

An interview documenting the important parts of Teri’s life

Interview with my Grandma

(*EDIT* when Cherris says the “recession”, she means the “depression”) In this interview, I talk to my grandma and ask her about a few things. Some thing are related to history, others are more personal, and some are funny.

The passions of two Sisters from another country.

Two sisters discuss their passions, and the values that lead them through life.


From Colorado but originating from a relatively conservative town in otherwise liberal Massachusetts, Stephen Weddig is interviewed by his child, Angela Weddig, speaking of his experiences with politics and historical events all the way from his childhood to his adulthood....

StoryCorps APUSH Final Project-Steve Hall

Talked about a combination of historical events, modern events and past experiences and how they have shaped Steve Halls political views. Topics discussed in the interview include Reagan, Bill Clinton, Berlin Wall, 2016 presidential election, etc. Steve Hall uses past...

Mathew kleinberg Service learning

I talked about my fathers life and how thing effected him.