From Bombay to Mumbai: Shrutha and her mom discuss living in post-colonial India.

In this interview, conducted in June 2021 in Rockville, Maryland, Shrutha (17) interviews her mom, Ms. Pai, about growing up in India after the period of British colonialism. Ms. Pai describes what India looked like before the British arrived, painting...

My Grandpa’s Vietnam Museum

My grandfather, Allan, shows me some of the items he brought back from Vietnam. From various pins and trinkets, all the way to an enemy soldiers gun! He talks about the history of these items along with a few stories.

Oral History Interview

Kendall Taylor interviews Erica Taylor about her life as a teenager and her early twenties.

Daniel Catlin: Hobart Resident, Cement Mixer with Grandson and Hobart High School student Gage Catlin.

Gage Catlin has a conversation with his grandpa (Daniel Catlin) about the storming of the US capitol (Jan. 6, 2021).

Grandma Greene

I interviewed my grandma about many different topics