Lusharon Wiley and Jason Nicholson

Friends and colleagues Dr. Lusharon Wiley (69) and Jason Nicholson (48) share a conversation about Jason’s philosophy of life, the obstacles he has faced, and the lessons he has learned.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My great-grandma and I talked about her history and her life.

History Final

In this interview my grandmother talks about our family history and her family from Puerto Rico.

My Mom’s Life

We talked about my family history, many experiences in my mom’s life, and pieces of advice she has for me and the future generations. My Mom’s stories and things she had to say have brought me and her closer. It...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her personal, important, and historical events that took place during her old days. The photo you see was the little me and my Auntie or in Tagalog, Tita Flora Alviar. I didn’t take a picture today with...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Historical events that my mother has lived through.