Childhood, Life Advice, Historical Moments, and More with Kristin and Meredith Avis

In this interview, conducted in November 2023, Meredith Avis (17) interviewed her mom, Kristin Avis (50). This interview took place in Birmingham, Alabama, where the two talked about topics ranging from historical moments she lived through, to her childhood memories...

Interview of Nolan Hendrickson by Isaiah Schlittenhart; November 13, 2023

Isaiah Schlittenhart discusses American chess history with Chess National Master and psychiatrist Nolan Hendrickson.

US History Podcast, Shanena Knight (Ft. Saenovia Poole)

History Questions. What are your thoughts and opinions on the topics?

Nada Ismael and Stan Gordon

[Recorded: December 20, 2022] Nada and Stan have a One Small Step Conversation. Nada is an undergraduate at the University of Virginia and advocates strongly for uplifting others. She shares a passion for learning history and addressing several social issues...

Teacher Talk – Don't Know Much About History: An Interview with Don and Gabriella Sheffler

Don't know much about history? Gabriella Sheffler advises students to find their own history. Listen to this chat with the two teachers in my family - my husband Don, who teaches photography, and my daughter Gabriella who teaches history. My...

Interview with my Grandma

Gavin age 13 interviews Jeanne age 67. The topics include family, school, history, and relationships.

Chase Wakelin and Bill Mayall Part I: Growing Up on Long Island as an Immigrant

Chase Wakelin interviews a family friend, Bill Mayall. Bill discusses what it was like growing up in Long Island as a prequel to his military service.