US History Podcast

I am interviewing Karina Garcia, my cousin, and we will be talking about some topics leading to the Civil War.

US History Podcast
January 9, 2021 App Interview

this is very scripted, im a better reader than speaker

US History Podcast

In this podcast Jack Huber and I discuss the “what if’s” in US history

History Class Final

Questions about dads life and things he has learned

History Final

Discussion about questions prior to the Civil War these two students discuss their personal opinions and facts they’ve learned in their US history honors class. Hopefully to get a good grade and also possibly educate anyone who wants to listen.

William Anderson StoryCorps Interview

My grandfather and I talk a little bit about family history, generational values, and the meaning of legacy.

StoryCorps Interview With Rosanne Kozak – “Noni” – my Grandma.

I spoke to my Grandmother about memorable points in her life. I learned about my own family history from this interview.


Hablamos de la historia.

Project Introduction

Executive Producer Nichelle S. Carr (Class of 1998) introduces the Black Women of Amherst College Storytelling Project

The Interview

Touched upon history relating to the United States and his personal life experiences.