Recording – 04-16-2024 18:14:04

interview Dr. Aurea Toxqui, Associate professor and Associate Dean of Diversity and Innovation at Bradley University about her education, career, and hobbies in Mexico and the United States

1960s Interview with Dale and Bran Benson

Alia and Omema interview Alia’s grandparents about the 1960s

John O'Connor and Jeff Guy

One Small Step conversation partners John O'Connor (74) and Jeff Guy (55) discover they share a similar philosophy to life even as they hold different political views in their discussion of religion, reading history books, political leaders, their relationships and...

Dylan Hartbarger- Living History Project

conversation with my mom about her experiences in new york during 9/11

Historian Project

Talking with my 97 year old great grandmother about her experiences throughout her life.

Interview with Rudy Pendleton 02/11/24

Interviewer(daughter): Lily Nicole Pendleton(age 17) Interviewed(father): Rudy Johny Pendleton(age 45) We spoke about Rudy’s past, upbringing, and religion playing into how he was raised and how he raised his own children.


18 year old Lizzy Fry interviews her grandpa Richard Gillespie for a class assignment. They talk about how he met his wife, how her mother was as a young adult, his time in the Navy during Vietnam, and a fun...