Life before Mom-mom and Pop-pop

The differences between life 50 years ago and now. And reflections with my grandparents.

Interview with Dr. Steve Dunkin

Dr. Steve Dunkin talks about growing up in Knoxville, Tennessee, his genealogical research, his time in the military, and his return to East Tennessee. He also talks about his work with the Smoky Mountain Hiking Club and his connection with...

Thomas Browder and Ed Browder

Brothers Thomas "Tom" Browder (78) and Ed Browder (75) share a conversation about their time in the military and about how they came to coincidentally meet each other on the other side of the world.

Archived from my grandmas brain

Grandma talks about her sister who passed at a young age and then we ramble about random memories

Interview with my grandma

Me and my grandma talked about her and her husbands history and herritage