Mummu in Suomi

I ask my grandmother (mummu in Finnish) about her childhood in Finland.


We talked about what life was like growing up for my father. We discussed several historical events that he lived through. We talked about his childhood and his parents and the stories that they have told throughout the years.

Early Christmas interview with Ma

We talked about her early life and some historical events in the past. Oppa made a surprise visit.

Mother-daughter Thanksgiving Interview
November 28, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 27, 2017 in Birmingham, AL, Caroline Brown talks with her mother, Kelley Brown. Mrs. Brown shares stories of growing up in New Jersey. She recalls a funny story of how she married to a...


I interview my Pawpaw about his memories from his childhood and growing up.

Dogs Barking and Untold Stories of the Detroit Mafia

An interview with my aunt and uncle about the history of their families growing up in Detroit and New York City….aaand lots of dogs barking (sorry!).