Michele’s HIV Story

Michele is 53 years old and has HIV. This is her story on how she got it.

Sarah Kasman of Shanti OC

Sarah shares how she became involved and eventually led one of the most meaningful HIV and AIDS services organizations in Laguna Beach and Orange County

Robert Linscott and Christopher Zitnay

High school friends Robert "Bob" Linscott (56) and Christopher "Chris" Zitnay (56) reconnect and share a conversation on what it was like to be gay in a small town and feel comfortable enough in themselves to come out when it...

Brian Scott-Smith and Doctor Anthony Fauci talk about HIV/AIDS turning 40 in 2021

British journalist, Brian Scott-Smith talks with Doctor Anthony Fauci about HIV/AIDS turning 40 in 2021 and how it impacts those living and aging with the disease. The interview was recorded for the news podcast - Connecticut East This Week and...

"I appreciate God’s Love so much, from day one. It was the care that was always there."

Jack Godby (77) speaks with God's Love We Deliver Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Ronnie Fortunato. Jack was diagnosed with HIV in 1985 and began receiving meals from God's Love in 2002, after having three strokes. Ronnie became his RDN in 2011,...