Ava Lambie asks her Nana questions about her life.

In this interview, conducted in November 2023, in Welches, Oregon, Ava Lambie interviews her nana about her life. She explains how she grew up in York, Pennsylvania as the youngest sibling. She talks about what she liked to do as...

A talk with grandma

During the interview between Elijah Fingerson and Melinda Wentz, ages 15 and 64 respectively, in Lincoln City Oregon on November 27, 2023, Melinda recounted many life experiences, from her childhood, to raising her own children. We also discussed our family’s...

Education and Lifestyle of Nizar – Then and Now

This interview was taken by 11 year old Naurez Nizar on Nov 26, 2023. She interviews Nizar Mankulangara (her dad) who is age 40. In this interview, Nizar M talks about his education and lifestyle as a kid and now.

Interview Questions

Today I asked Kylee about her favorite music, ocean animals, and her favorite hobby drawing.

Carolyn [No Name Given], Kelly Blake, and Steven Mokrzycki

Kelly Blake (31) interviews her friends, siblings Carolyn [No Name Given] (40) and Steven Mokrzycki (41), about their childhoods, their dreams for the future, and their favorite hobbies.

Nancy’s interview with Angelica Hernandez

This interview is conducted by Nancy Hernandez (17) and her participant is Angelica Hernandez (22) which is her older sister. Her older sister talks about her life, future, hobbies, etc.

Recording – 08-22-2023 12:22:31

Alyssa is a peer in most of my classes since sophomore year, and I’d consider her an Aqua instance before the video. This interview helped understand more of her interests, morals, and mindset.

an interview with christian

we mostly talked about his interests in life. Little things like his dream job, his intersts in hobbies like reading and riding bikes.