The World's Out There, Which Ever Part Of It You Want To Be In.

Elaine Turner Lamb talks with her colleague, Cristi Hebert about creating her own sense of home, especially in light of her life traveling, and recreating a home again and again, and especially the importance of story.

Interview ft. Mom

Shanelle (17) talks with her mom, Gisela Weber, about her childhood, goals, relationships, and more.

Father and Daughter Interview

I asked my dad questions about himself and his past. He told me some of the dreams he had but never pursued. He also explained what he would tell 20year old him if he had the change.

Traci Grant (Mom)

Detailed Interview of her life and how it relates to me.

Drew Herget and Kelly Fleming

Kelly Fleming (60) and her daughter, Drew Herget (30), talk about family traditions, the importance of having a place to call home, and how they have influenced one another to be fearless.

Interview with Ashtyn

interviewing Ashtyn for l for english class

Tara Casey and Nicole Unice

One Small Step conversation partners Tara Casey (48) and Nicole Unice (43) discuss family, faith and raising their children with awareness.


Talking to my dad about his life.