Navigating Marie's Life: Family, Politics, and Regrets

In this interview, Marie and I discuss topics pertaining to family & relationships, politics, climate change, money & happiness, and the ignorance surrounding large-scale suffering in third world countries. She shares her unique perspectives on these topics and comments on...

An Interview With My Grandfather

My grandfather (75 years old) has a lot to talk about, a few examples being service in the Vietnam War, the Kennedy Assassination, the fall of the Twin Towers, career successes and family.

Interview with my Father

A talk with my father about growing up in India and the journey to America.

A Conversation About Experiences and Cultural Differences

The interview included details about past experiences such as growing up in India, having an arranged marriage, and immigrating to the United States.

Brooke Ramos HC Oral History Interview

My mother's boyfriend and I discuss 9/11, working for the federal government (U. S. Customs & Homeland Security), and the direction in which the world is heading.

My Grandmother's Life Starting in the Soviet Union

My grandmother talking about her life in the soviet union, with more emphasis on her personal experiences and challenges rather than