Surviving Cancer as a Family

Rachelle (17), Michele (50). Daughter interviews mom about her experiences when her son Joaquin was diagnosed with cancer.

Living History Project

My name is Emily Schultz and I am 16 years old. My interviewee is Alan Wade who is my cousin and we talked about the Immigration process.

Irea’s Speech Interview

Paris Richardson, 37 years old, My Mother. She’s talked about her happiest and difficult memories, someone who she will always remember and most grateful for, proudest and favorite memories of me.

Freshman Nadia Sinaph Interviews Muslim Scholar Shaykh Burhan Fili About His Journey

Nadia Sinaph, a freshman at Canton High School, interviews close family friend and scholar Shaykh Burhan Fili about his life experiences. Shaykh Burhan escaped from a communist Albania in the 1970s and made it to the United States later on....

Interview with Grammy

Barbara Micheal- 70 years old (My Grammy) Natalie Bannon- 15 years old (me We discussed proud moments in life and am the differences that the world has made.

For The Hope Of It All
December 1, 2022 App Interview

I (Star) interview my mom (Sonia) about the not-so new topic of Covid-19. I ask about her experiences during lockdown. We conclude about how you always should keep hope and push through any challenges you face.

Interview with Nana The Great

This was an interview with my Nana and she is 65 years old, she is my best friend. My talked a lot about her grandchildren and memories from my childhood and her childhood, we talked about the past a lot....

The Secrets of Mikuni

Taro Arai is the CDO of Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar, and he has faced many challenges ever since he moved to America. Through perseverance, faith, and hope he and his family were able to grow the restaurant to...