Recording – 05-14-2024 21:24:56

Daughter interviewing her dad on the impact of his mother’s loss and how it contributed into his successful career.

Kim’s history

This is about my grandmother’s life. (childhood, children, and much more!) She is speaking Korean and my mom is translating.

Interview with my Boss

Me and my boss Anna talk about influences and hopes for the future.

Until You Met Me

Yada Taepanicharoen(16) and her mother, Rachel Taepanicharoen(51), talk about her life's significant moments. She shares some of her hopes growing up and a snippet into rough times in her young adult life. Her answers reflect the love she has for...

Cherished Moments
February 14, 2024 App Interview

This interview is between a grandson and a grandmother the grandson Ananias an 18 year old chose his grandmother Margarita as his participant. This interview is just Ananias asking his grandmother questions about her life and how she was able...

Stellan Knowles and LaCretia Springer

Stellan Knowles (21) speaks with his grandmother LaCretia Springer (76) about her childhood, the challenges of her life, and her hopes for future generations of LGBTQ+ youth and the significance of their relationship.

Kaoutar Nassir and Sarah Padgett

Sarah Padgett interviews her friend Kaoutar Nassir about her journey moving from her childhood home in Tangier to her current home in Madrid, the obstacles she faced along the way, how she connects with herself, and her hopes for the...

Troy Carey and his grandmother Mary Carey (Tu Trinh) talk about her life.

In this interview, conducted on November 23, 2023 in Napa, California, Troy Carey (14) interviews his grandmother Mary Carey (82) about her life. Mary grew up in Vietnam during World War II and was called Tu Trinh. She moved to...