Carroll Hopkins and MA Schaub

One Small Step conversation partners Carroll "Reid" Hopkins (59) and MA Schaub (54) discuss the loss of their parents, the affect of the news media, their conscious choices to move away from this overt influence and their changing beliefs.

Experiences as Care Givers and navigating Grief (with Sandra Perez and Nyssa Entrekin)

Sandra Perez and Nyssa Entrekin talk about similar experiences as care givers and navigating grief. We talk about our relationships with our parents, navigating the healthcare system, and managing grief. This was inspired by Sandra Perez's dad, Rodrigo Perez (who...

Robert Surface, Marcella Kubalsky, & Briana Chestnut

Robert is on hospice with the Providence Hospice LA County program for the unhoused. Robert spent most of his life living on the streets of the South Bay area of Southern California. He spoke with his intake nurse, Briana and...

Lina Ridge and Tara Lupo

Tara Lupo (61) interviews her friend and colleague Lina Ridge (63) about her experiences as a hospice nurse. They discuss hospice versus palliative care, indigent care, and do-not-resuscitate orders. They also share memories of working in the hospice field.