Interview with my Dad at the Hospital

Recently my Dad suffered a severe stroke, causing him to lose function of his left side, and landing him an intensive rehab hospital. This is a conversation between him and I as he prepares to return home.

My first Interview
November 25, 2022 App Interview

My first interview with my sister about her job working at the hospital.

My Story

This is a story about Brooklyn Hadley’s life between the ages of 7 and 8.

Lily Medrano and Harriet Weber

Harriet Weber (65) interviews her friend Lily Medrano [no age given] about her upbringing, life between Mercedes, Texas and Quincy, Washington, and journey to becoming a medical assistant.

Glenda Bishop and Harriet Weber

Harriet Weber (65) interviews her friend, Glenda Bishop (60), about her upbringing, transition from the Midwest to Quincy, Washington, musical talents, and her journey to becoming the risk manager and CEO of Quincy Valley Medical Center.

Anne Ammai – recollection of hospital

Annie Chirayil experience after waking from a near death infection

Joe Priore interviewing Joe Priore Sr. An Interview with Pop

My grandpop had a minor stroke 7 years ago, and then found out about a few other things that he ended up needing treatment on. It ended up being days spent in the hospital and multiple types of treatment needing...

Lisa Dailey and Joyce Hemingway

Lisa Dailey (53) shares a conversation with her mother, Joyce Hemingway (80), about Joyce’s childhood, her career as a nurse, and the lessons she has learned in life.