My mom

This is an interview between mother (Joan Roldan, 51) and son (Seth Roldan, 18). It talks about Joan's experience growing up in rural Creston, California.

Breaking the cycle

Panita(34) and Paul Harvey (38) have been together for over 16 years. Met during their time in service in US Army National Guard, they had 1 daughter together. They both had suffered through childhood trauma and multiple mental problems but...

“You’ve got a bright future and I’m so proud of what you’ve done so far”

Kathleen Bergman is a 54 year old middle school math teacher. She has an 18 year old daughter and a 17 year old son. When she had her first child at 35 she was thrilled to have a baby girl....

“Generations of Friends Lead to Life-Long Friendships”

There is nothing more comforting, and kind of scary, than knowing that there is someone out there who knows everything about you. I like to say Jordan was handed to me. With our entire family growing up as best friends,...

Interview with dad

Interview with dad growing up, how he met my mom and what great wisdom he would like to share with future generations. Grateful for Godly mother and for kids and grandkids who serve in Church.

Interview Of Dalia Almanza By Adamariz Almanza

Adamariz Almanza, a high school student, interviews her older sister, Dalia Almanza for her Service Learning Story Corps Project.

English Interview W Dad

This interview was with my dad for a school English assignment. I think it was really fun to get to do this with him, and I know he looked forward to doing this with me and for me to choose...

Gabriella Loyola interviews her mom Maria Dareen Loyola

14 year old, Gabriella Loyola interviews her mom Maria Dareen Loyola on growing up, love life, raising her children, names and traditions.

My Mom

Renee answers some questions her daughter Elyse asks for her English assignment.