December 6, 2018
A Chat About the Past: War and Memories

In this interview, Kendall (13) interviews her grandfather, Larry (73). She asks questions deep into his past, which include war and stories of it. He shares important memories and how he persevered to get through college. Also, he talks about...

June 9, 2018 app
Our story. Intercultural relationship

Our story, engagement, honeymoon, parenthood and childhood.

December 26, 2016 app
Me and Rene

Our first Christmas, didn’t start off so well..

A Wife Interviews Her Husband

My husband and I conduct our interview on our bed, with our two cats. We talk about love, divorce and writing.

November 30, 2015
Advice, Curiosity, and Remembrance

We talked about how we met, what we disliked/regretted, and advice for the future. Some of the questions are bizarre, but they reflect who I am and what I wanted to know or find out about. I wanted the interview...