Alexis Eck and Pratha Purushottam

[Recorded: December 7, 2022] Alexis (20) and Pratha (19) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Alexis is an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia and is passionate about discussing issues such as gun violence, climate change,...

Quianna Canada and Sheila Connolly

Quianna Canada interviews Cork Alliance Centre CEO, Sheila Connolly, about supporting previously incarcerated people in Cork, Ireland, through her organisation's services. Connolly's motto is "ubuntu," which is an ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others'. In my opinion, Connolly leads...

Latif Wali and Mozhipo Zypo Moyo

[Recorded: Monday, July 4, 2022] Latif (28) and Mozhipo Zypo (33) have an abridged One Small Step conversation at Monticello after the July 4th Naturalization Ceremony. Latif and Zypo were in Charlottesville as part of the Young African Leaders Initiative,...

La historia de Ahmed Rodríguez, un refugiado cubano que vive su sueño americano.

Esta es la historia de mi amigo de once años Ahmed Rodríguez. Ahmed nos cuenta sobre su cultura y todas dificultades que vivió en Cuba. Finalmente llega a los Estados Unidos como refugiado después de años y varios intentos fallidos...

Living History Project: Peace

Interview by Cali Wilkinson of Toby Wilkinson to discuss the main idea of peace and human rights. A look into growing up in the 60s and the impact it had on her life to follow.

Meaghan Young and Céire Smyth Martínez

One Small Step partners, Meaghan Young (42) and Céire Smyth Martínez (41) discuss the importance of human rights, their respective journey's with grief, and their hopes for the future.

Daniel Pinilla and Marija Krstevska

Friends Daniel "Alejandro" Pinilla (30) and Marija Krstevska (27) share about how they chose their careers in advocacy, share some of their childhood memories, and talk about their time in New York with the Columbia Human Rights Advocacy Program.

Dominique St. Vil and Zazil Davis-Vazquez

Dominique St. Vil (37) tells his interviewer Zazil Davis-Vazquez (27) about his work in transgender rights advocacy in Haiti.

Russell Patterson and Alayne Unterberger

Friends Russell "Russ" Patterson (69) and Alayne Unterberger (56) discuss Russ's upbringing, his military service and travels, and his political involvement over the years.