Rebecca Jones Gaston speaks with Katherine Chon about her journey in social work

Rebecca Jones Gaston talks with her colleague, Katherine Chon, reflecting on her experiences in social work supporting children and families, the advice she received along the way, and what she has learned about trauma, change, and resilience.

Christina Vogler and Tawanna Jamison

One Small Step conversation partners Christina Vogler (65) and Tawanna Jamison (52) discuss life in the city of Columbus, Georgia, their relationship to the military, and their hopes for the future.

Peggy Phillips and Candy Schriver

One Small Step partners Peggy Phillips (59) and Candy Shriver (55) discuss their life long relationships with Wichita, tragedies around human trafficking, and their observations about public education.

Karrie Wilson and Elizabeth Hudak

Coworkers and friends Karrie Wilson (33) and Beth Hudak (39) talk about the work they do helping young victims of homelessness and trafficking and share the importance of making young people realize the power of their voices.

Nicole Schiff and Jazmin Vasquez

Friends and colleagues Nicole Schiff (34) and Jazmin Vasquez (33) share a conversation about the myths and misconceptions of human trafficking. They also discuss labor trafficking, online exploitation of youth, and the differences between smuggling and trafficking.