Vanessa Lemus and Nico Orisini

Vanessa Lemus (23) and her One Small Step partner and roommate Nico Orisini (24) discuss the misconceptions and motivations of their political beliefs.

Frances and Ellie Leiter: A Conversation about Being Biracial

Eleanor Leiter (16) talks with her twin sister Frances leiter (16) about what it is like living as a biracial person. This interview also covers the kind of identity Frances feels being half white and half taiwanese.

Kirin Makker and Sejal Shah

Friends Kirin Makker (49) and Sejal Shah (48) share a conversation about how they met, how their lives overlapped in different ways before meeting, about race and identity, and about living with chronic and invisible illness.

Art Stoltzfus and Nadia Dames

Friends and colleagues, Art Stoltzfus (63) and Nadia Dames (36), discuss the importance of interfaith relationships and the role trust plays in building interfaith community.

Who is Ashley

Hi! This is my roommate Ashley. She's a really cool girl :)

Juliet Casanova and Geoffrey Howard

Juliet Casanova (49) shares a conversation with her spouse, Geoffrey Howard (54), about Asian American identity, being in an interracial relationship, and the memories they share.

Immigrant: Turning 30 in America, a conversation with the author, Golara Haghtalab.

Emma Fivek (28) talks to her friend Golara Haghtalab (30) about Golara's book, Immigrant: Turning 30 in America. The two discuss how Golara came to the US and her journey since arriving. Going from hostessing at a restaurant in Charlottesville,...

Keisto Lucero and Vince Pellegri

Friends Keisto Lucero (32) and Vince Pellegri (29) talk to each other about their upbringings and coming out as gay. They discuss challenges they have experienced in the past year, reflect on favorite memories together, and share how they can...

Corey DePina and Kadahj Bennett

Friends Corey DePina (39) and Kadahj Bennett (31) reflect on what inspires their creativity and art. They talk about their journey as artists and share appreciation for the support and inspiration they have received from one another.