Aaron’s Story
June 29, 2022 App Interview

Aaron gets hospitalized and talks about his experience during and after he was hospitalized.

Interview with my Father about the 1994 Surat Plague

Rachana talks to her father about fleeing a city infected with a deadly disease and what he did, felt, and took away from the experience

Family in the Time of Covid

My father Jesus Rojero, participated in an insightful and honest interview on his battle with Covid-19 in June, 2020.

Twin with Spina Bifida by Kit Imundo with Tracy Marrero

Today I interviewed a family friend about her daughter Jessica, who has spina bifida.

My grandma and I talk about married life

My step grandma and I talk about life with my late grandpa and her faith

Alicia C

The loss of a parent and overcoming an illness

Annabelle’s interview with her grandmother, Ninnie

Today i talked to my grandmother, Ninnie, who is the person i look towards for everything i do. We talked about our childhood memories, what God has done for us, and how my grandmother is the strongest person i know...