Edith Aschaffenburg Wilhelm

A conversation with our mother about her childhood in Germany and her youth in the United States.

March 12, 2018 app
Marylu y Jenny Botello

Daughter asks her mother about her different experiences in the process of immigrating to States from Mexico.

March 5, 2018 app
Interview w/Grandpa

Talked about his emigration to the United States.

March 4, 2018
Mesrop Interview

Interview of my uncle Mesrop Malkhasyan.

March 2, 2018
“I even told myself I wanted to become a carpenter.”

Since he was young, my dad aspired to become a carpenter and build infrastructure where he grew up, a city called Zamboanga City that was not so urbanized as it is today. He did not envision moving to a new...

March 2, 2018
Family Questions

Mom recalls her childhood dream to become a designer/civil engineer, and how her journey from China to the US has changed her aspirations.

February 13, 2018
Mexico-United States An Oral History: Nicole Costa

Nicole lived for several years as an expat in Mexico as she spent time as a teacher and intensively learned to speak Spanish. Nicole speaks about how her years in Mexico progressed from a short visit to a decision to...

February 13, 2018

Rafael speaks enthusiastically about his time living in the United States and working hard. Rafa talks about currently living, working, and farming in Guapamacataro, Maravatio, but also about he hopes to return to the States to work with his brothers...