Carolina y su familia

Mallory, 24, interviews former roommate Caroline, 24, about her and her family's experiences relating to immigration. They then discuss how these experiences impact identity, especially when coupled with intersectionality.

We came here for a better life. I am thankful that we found one.

Snejka Sotirova (82) talks to her granddaughter, Deia Colosi (13) about her life during the rise of communism in Bulgaria and their decision to immigrate. This interview was recorded in Port Jefferson on November 24, 2022. The topics discussed are...

Nanay’s Interview

Today, I interviewed my Nanay about her family, immigrating to America, and some of her favorite movies.

WR 45 Imitation Project

This is an interview with my mother about her immigration story from Vietnam. I wanted this interview to educate the public and mainly the asian immigrant children population to appreciate and learn.

new surroundings

me and my dad talk about him moving to a new country

Interview with Lamenais Louis

I, Hannah Cunningham, interviewed my branch president Lamenais Louis about his emigration from Haiti to the United States. In the interview, we talked about how he met his wife, Suzette, how he found the gospel, and the Haitian traditions he...

Patricia Gregory and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Born and raised in France, Patricia Gregory talks about her French childhood and family memories. Wanting to travel to America ever since she was young, she shares her first impressions of America, her experience eventually...