Interview with my mom Sandra

I ask my mother a few questions pertaining to her past

Coming to America with Shafiq Pabani

I interviewed a fellow student on his experience with leaving India in search for higher education. We round out the interview with questions from Shafiq about my opinions on certain topics.

Growing up With an Immigrant Parent

Interview with my grandmother about her life growing up with her mother who immigrated here from Italy

mamie’s sweet stories

i interviewed my grandma about my great grandma (her mom). we talked about the stories of my grandma working as a nicu nurse and working in a soda shop. we talked about her dreams to be an actress and about...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Ari and Angeles

Ari Martinez-Reza and her mother’s Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview on immigration, careers, and the Olympics.

The History of the Ross family, with Kevin Ross. From Mexico, to Arizona, to California.

Ashton Ross interviews his father Kevin Ross about his life, values, and family history. And they discuss the regional history of California, Arizona, and Mexico, and what it’s like to live on the border of two unique cultures.

La historia de mi madre

The story of how my mother came into America and how she came here today

Life lessons with Dad

this interview covers a portion of personal development as mr. jojishvili shares his thoughts about various important life topics

The great thanksgiving listen: Rita Ganopolsky talks about her life

From her childhood in Ukraine to today, Rita has gone through a lot. She discusses it in this interview