Bryann Burgess and Tonya Cobb

Tonya Cobb (43) interviews her friend and coworker Bryann Burgess (35) about her many influencers including her grandfather, Papa Tank, who inspired her non-profit, Papa Tank Theater for Inclusion.

Richard Herb and Manish Mishra-Marzetti

One Small Step conversation partners Richard [no age given] and Manish (52) have a conversation about their lives and beliefs, reading each other's bios and finding some common ground despite different political views.

“I'm proud my…perseverance of curiosity has gotten me to be [with] people who talk about life in the universe.” Interview w/ Julia DeMarines

Julia DeMarines is a graduate student at the University of California at Berkeley in the Earth and Planetary Science department, an educator at the Mentoring Academy, a National Geographic Explorer, and a science communicator who runs a space comedy event...

Joey [No Name Given] and [No Name Given] [No Name Given]

Colleagues and loved ones Joey [No Name Given] (30) and [No Name Given] [No Name Given] (63) discuss Joey’s coming out story, diversity, equity, inclusion, and identity.

Community health and belonging with Anita Ihuman

Measuring community health reveals challenges people experience in contributing. Anita Ihuman explains how to build awareness and leverage existing solutions for greater belonging in open source. What you measure, you can see and change!

Marc Bady and Keith Bergthold

One Small Step Partners, Marc Bady (38) and Keith Bergthold (72), discuss their community involvement in Fresno and reflect on the role that music, arts, and culture can play in being unifying forces.

Stella Hodgkins, Theophilus Gregory, and William Hybl

Colleagues Stella Hodgkins (48), Theophilus Gregory (69), and William “Bill” J. Hybl [no age given] come together to discuss their impact-focused work at the El Pomar Foundation, particularly their dedication to convening and empowering communities of color.

Comms Listening Challenge

This is a required class assignment for The University of The Cumberlands. The interview takes place between Andria J. & Anthony J., a couple in Lexington, KY. The interview is an exchange about Anthony's career as the director of a...