Lucky to be a blue.

A conversation with my wonderful “Nanny B” (grandmother) about her relationship with my granddad, Jerry Blue. Silly memories and meaningful life lessons from very wise woman that took place on a lovely Friday afternoon. We discuss the impact of growing...

May 8, 2018
“I look back now and can see the positive that came from going to church each day.” – Josh Williams on his life, religion, and politics

Josh talks about growing up in Richmond, his family, belonging to a Pentecostal church, living with cerebral palsy, his interest/involvement in politics, and what we would like to see happen in Richmond to support his fellow citizens.

May 8, 2018
“We got it down to a science- everyone had a job”- Lee Stienbarger reflects on his years as coach of the Indiana Thump Jumpers

Lee Stienbarger (a.k.a. “Mr. S.”) and Alison talk about the history of Richmond’s competitive jump rope team- the Indiana Thump Jumpers, and how he functioned as a coach and trailblazer in a sport that was unknown to much of the...

May 2, 2018
“I felt an instant connection”: Misty Hollis on her life in Richmond as a politician, nonprofit leader and female mentor.

Misty and Alison talk about her journey to Richmond, nonprofit work, life in politics (local, state, and national), and who has helped her along the way.