Annaliese Wagers

Annaliese Wagers (17) talks with her cousin Caroline Grubele (19). Caroline discusses why she chose the path she did, what she loves about it, and where she wants to be in the future. She also talks about her friendship with...

Thalia and Angelica Vlahos

Thalia Vlahos (18) discusses life with her mother Angelica Vlahos (47). From family to college to confidence, Angelica reflects on her accomplishments and hopes for the future.

Dad interview

I spoke to my dad about his life and things he has learned.

English Interview

Main topics were childhood memories, influences on life, and family.

Ally Barth- Interview with Josh Barth

This interview contains a recording of my brother and I. I am asking him some questions about his current life, his past, and his hopes and dreams. We talk about who has influenced him, his dream career, and advice that...

Life & Relationships
October 20, 2020 App Interview

Talked about some life influences and obstacles and the route to moving forward.

Growing Up & Entering College

Roommates Allie and Sara talk about their experience in college so far, what growing up is like, and what they hope to accomplish looking forward.