The Treatment of the Mentally and Physically Disabled

This is an interview done by Madison Garrett in which she interviews a long time worker in the field of special needs, Todd. He has worked in this field for over 35 years and states that the change in perception...

Randy Ruiz and Luz Ruiz
December 6, 2022 App Interview

Randy Ruiz (17) and Luz Ruiz (22) have a brief interview. They have an interview about growing up and Nursing school. They also talk about the biggest influence in Luz's life.

Marie and Jared

Marie Gonzalez 19 niece ( interviewer) Jared Battiest 32 uncle Talks about growing up, and life. Also, talks about meeting Marie and dreams for her.

Kristin Jackson and Doug Raper

Doug Raper (72) shares a conversation with his daughter Kristin Jackson (41) about his work in radio, the nonprofit he founded, his children and grandchildren, and how he would like to be remembered.

Suhaan and his dad talk about dad’s experience’s

My dad and I talked about his early childhood memories and who were some of the greatest inspirations to him. We also talked about school and good and bad influences.

Capturing a Legacy ELA 8 (Dad)

Learning more about my dad and his life growing up. Some of his favorite teams and hobbies. Learning about who he looked up to and how they affected him.


This interview was with my former co-working, Aly. We talked about her life experiences, future plans, and her perception on the world.

Charles Lockwood and Jay Wolfson

Jay Wolfson (70) shares a conversation with his friend and colleague, Dr. Charles Lockwood (67), about Charles’s career, his leadership, the moral compass that guides his work, and the COVID-19 pandemic.