Kelsey Royer- Recording – 03-12-2024 09:24:40

more background on becoming a teacher with some influential background information.

People and Places: The Influence They Have On Us

Janet shares the story of her brother, a close family member, who was gone too soon. She talks about how he inspired her and how she honors his life today by keeping his story alive.

Sharon’s Story: The Importance of Family and the Influence They Have on Us

Sharon shares about the influence that her grandmother had on her and how that made her who she is today. She also shares the similarities and differences that she has observed between her generation and college students today.

Gurminder Sangha and Sandra Celedon

One Small Step conversation partners Gurminder Sangha (49) and Sandra Celedon (37) talk about their career trajectories; the role of their families, teachers, and mentors in their development; and their hopes for the city of Fresno.

Roo’s Ramblings

Kenly Brand (14) interviews her mom Rhonda Brand (46)on her family history and childhood experiences.

Perry Hoskins and Melissa Dodge

One Small Step partners Perry Hoskins (62) and Melissa Dodge (37) talk about how their upbringings shaped their moral and political beliefs. They also share their hopes for and concerns about the future of the United States.

Troy Teeboom and David Charpentier

One Small Step partners David Charpentier (52) and Troy Teeboom (54) acknowledge influential people in their lives, discuss national versus local politics, share their adoptions stories amongst various other topics.