December 6, 2018
interview with Eli Penny

i asked him questions about himself and his future

Interview 1

This is a interview I did of my Uncle asking him about when and how he came to this country. I also asked him a bit about his childhood and life back home

The American Dream

The life of my young mother.This tells the short story of her growing up.

Thanksgiving with my mom

Overall what was talked about was different aspects of my moms life and the things that have occurred to her and how she feels about various topics.

Mom’s first job

Mom talks about here first jobs and what she went to college for

Lonnie Tucker

Found out a lot about mY history today from my Uncle Lonnie. I never knew that I had Cherokee in my blood and My ancestors were farmers from Arkansas.

New Immigration

In this interview, I asked what it takes to be an immigrant. I also asked what makes an immigrant unique.

Oral History Project

We had talked about her childhood and family history

April 11, 2018 App Interview
treatment of women in the UK vs US

We discussed the differences in the treatment of women here in america versus the UK