a conversation on pain.

2 college students discuss injuries and pains in their lives.

Abbi and Logan Pt. 1

Abbi and Logan talk about their injuries.

Interview with Mike

I’m Interviewing a paintball player named Mike who has stand up to me or showing me things are pretty cool a kind man who is always there to help and get better at the spot it was a great time...

Sports in Society

Joel Wilson discusses the positives and negative’s in sports he experienced. He also discusses the positives and negative’s of sports on society as a whole.

Mattie Sheafor and Amy Skinner

Mattie Sheafor (51) and her friend Amy Skinner (55) talk about being mountain climbers and their climber friends who have died in accidents, including Amy's late-husband Todd Skinner.

Henry Cannon and Charles Fields

Charles Fields (72) interviews his best friend and fellow veteran Henry Cannon (94) about his 15 years of service during World War II, what it was like to be in combat, and the aftermath of the war.