Charles Mestayer and Franchesca Peña

Charles "Chuck" Mestayer (72) speaks with conversation partner Franchesca Peña [no age given] about surviving a car accident, the passing of his brother, and what he relied on during these difficult times.


a interview with Breandan (17), we talked about basketball, injury’s and so much more.

Israel Rodriguez and Katia Garza

Husband and wife Israel Rodriguez (54) and Katia Garza (47) reflect on their time as dancers. They discuss their early lives in Cuba and Mexico, why they both first fell in love with ballet, and the highs and lows of...

Interview With My Dad

My dad grew up without much. There were multiple bad things that happened to him during his childhood. This interview tells the hardships he experienced.

Carla Orellana

Carla Orellana [no age given] shares her experience as a blue star mother. She talks about what it was like learning that her son had been severely injured. She speaks about the practices and programs that help her and her...