Life After Diagnosis

This interviewee is my mom. She leads a very inspirational life. She’s been diagnosed with a few incurable diseases and instead of sulking and being self loathing - she’s chosen to inspired others that have similar obstacles to still live...

My Grandfather’s and I
December 3, 2022 App Interview

Robert Martin , age 62 wyat martin , age 17 grandparents house my grandpa's life

Tina Hardesty

Tina Hardesty, age 45 explains her relationships growing up and what inspired her to become a teacher. She talks about other important people that made a huge impact on her life.

perspective of a nurse

my name is Evie and I am a nurse technician at Saint Francis Hospital and I interviewed my coworker, Jennifer (nurse).

What inspires a writer?

My lovely wife is a writer who has spent years creating a fantasy world. So i wanted to pick her mind a bit and get some clarity on a few topics.

Story Untold

A girl who grew up through her trials and tribulations. She truly has beaten the battle and is shinning brighter then ever .

Very 1st interview

My brother and his point of view on life and his future.

Life and Story of Barbara Fischbein

Me and my nana talked about her life and the things she has learned through some of her struggles. We also talked about her hopes for the future and her thoughts of me.

Psychology interview

An interview with Hunter Turnbow including both funny and sentimental stories.