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Jose morales

Jose morales talks about the questions I ask. He goes in depth on how he feels about these questions. He gives us a perception on his life.

interview planing

Andres Castellanos ask his older sister, Esmeralda Castellanos, about her personal life and advice

chris guerra

chris is a friend who is 18 who recently moved from new york and i met him from school we talked about how who was important to him,how covid affected him, and other family topics.

Interview with my Grandpa (Jim Ihrke)

Interviewing my grandpa about scandals, common jobs and himself back in his day.

Family Interview Uncle David Murphy

A interview with my Uncle talking about life, when he was a teenager and beliefs

The Exotic Stories of My Dad

On January 8, 2023, me and my dad, Brent Danieli, do a interview at our home in Canton, Michigan. We take a inside look into what it was like to be my dad at a young age. we listen to...

My college final

My brother's opinion of me going to college

,Teresa Gomez John faris school interview

talked about where he lived and his favorite memories and what was his old dream job