Jesse Barnes and Yong Ho Lee

Interview describing what it was like to immigrate to the United States from South Korea in 1974, eventually becoming one of the first Asian police office in a three county area (centered around Brazos County) in Texas in 1988.

Empire Poker Review

Empire Poker room is independently run but uses the same network of players as party poker. For this reason they can boast as being one of the largest online poker rooms. There are several differences between the two however: An...

Interview with Brendan Stoller on the evolution of rap within the last decades.

In this interview, Brendan Stoller who is both an experienced DJ and Producer is asked questions on how rap/hip-hop has changed within the last decades. There is a focus on what is now being called “new rap” or “mumble rap”...

“I’m not so much proud of myself. I’m proud of my children.”

Isaac David, an 8th grader at Franklin County Middle School, interviews his mother Patti David (maiden name Conway) about her life. They talk about her childhood, her career, and her love of her children.

Nani & Poppop Interview

I interviewed my grandparents about their lives and pasts.

My Father Rode a Motorcycle to School and My Grandfather Didn’t Know.

In this interview, conducted over Skype over thanksgiving break 2018, Shane Rosenberg interviews his Grandfather Larry Rosenberg about his life experiences. Larry shares stories about his childhood and growing up through out the changes of technology on his life. He...

Shane Rosenberg’s Test Interview For The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018

Test recording for the 2018 thanksgiving listen for school project. Shane Rosenberg a student at Egg Harbor Township High School, in New Jersey. Records a practice audio file for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018.