Ethan’s Cousin interview

I asked my cousin about her upbringing and how her life has changed over time and family ties.

Mark Smith’s Challenging Childhood and Profound Career

In this interview Brodie Young-Smith interviews his father, Mark Smith. On November 27, 2018 14 year old Brodie interviews his father and asks him about many significant things in his life including his childhood and his professional career. In the...

Colin Cox – “Chat with my Dad”
November 26, 2018 App Interview

Interview for Ms. O’Driscoll’s 10th grade English Class

Life story of Kristi Short

“I still love unicorns”, My mom stated after asking her”do you still love unicorns.” Alex Short interviews his mom, Kristi Short about her childhood in Oregon and how she got to where she is now even if she doesn’t like...

My Happy Grandma

I think the interview with my grandmother went really well and she said her legs were hurting when we started but I feel she got happier as I asked her these questions. I like the things she shared with me...