It’s Always Hard to Say Goodbye

When I was at war it took me a while to recover but I think it was a life changing experience.

Jordan Purkiss and Wade Purkiss

My interview with my father who bravely served two deployments in the Iraq War.

My Hero

Today I interviewed Scott Shroeder an Injured veteran

Ryan Dion talks with Elizabeth Sortino about his life and time in the service

Ryan talks about his life and jobs, one of them being stationed in Iraq at a time of war.

Serving in Iraq

My uncle, Stanley Burton served in the Iraq War and I’d like to give you a brief view of what it was like.

Dr.Jose Castro-Urioste and his son talk about his first thoughts on the United States and his experience with 9/11

In this interview, conducted on November 25th, 2018, in Chicago, Illinois, Lucas Humberto Castro-Hurmpfner(15) interviews Dr. Jose Castro-Urioste (56) about the United States. He first shares about coming to the United States and how he first felt about it. Next...

November 27, 2018 App Interview
Interview with my mom about the Iraq War.

I learned a lot about the Iraq War from my mom’s point of view.

Great American Listen

My father talked about historic moments in his life such as the challenger space shuttle launch, 911, The Northridge earthquake, and Obama’s inauguration .

November 26, 2018 App Interview
Interview with an Immigrant

The life of an immigrant along with the struggles he went through and obstacles he faced. How immigration overall impacted him and changed his life forever.