Lisa Gollard and Edea Trapletti

Mother and daughter Edea Trapletti (92) and Lisa Gollard (68) share a conversation about Edea's journey migrating from Italy to the US, finding work in Hollywood and Las Vegas, and setting roots in Las Vegas.

Lynn Boitano and Linda Hasty

One Small Step participants Lynn Boitano (62) and Linda Hasty (59) talk about their families, their religious identities, and their communities. Lynn talks about her experience growing up as an Italian-American in the Midwest and her current community in Oklahoma....

Hedy Sanni and Christine Sanni

Hedy Sanni (78) of Lynnfield, Massachusetts talks with her daughter Christine Sanni (53) of Flourtown, PA about the Polish Christmas traditions she remembers, how she incorporated those into married life with Casper Sanni (deceased), who was from Italian descent, and...

Food memories from my grandparents in Columbus

These are food memories from my mom's childhood visiting her grandparents and in Columbus, Ohio in the 1940s and 50s.

Interviewing Nonna, Joanne Maria Cafiero by Matteo Vauthy Planells, 10 years old

Matteo Vauthy Planells, 10 years old, from Seattle, Washington, interviews, Joanne Maria Cafiero, 74 years old, from Brookfield, CT. Joanne is Matteo's nonna, or grandmother.