Brenda Fittante Weeks and Emily Baker

Sisters Emily Fittante Baker (93) and Brenda Fittante Weeks (66) discuss family history and share memories of growing up in a family of 17 siblings.

Common Ground Tacony: Janice Monzo-Perry

This week I interview my cousin Janice Monzo who is originally from South Philadelphia 5th & Dudley Sts, but worked all over the city with the Salvation Army for 34 years. While working for the Salvation Army Janice's job was...

Laureen Sinyai and Clare Altland

Clare Altland (36) interviews her mother, Laureen Sinyai (68), about growing up in Bridgeport, CT. Laureen, who was raised in a Hungarian American household, reflects on the diverse immigrant communities in her neighborhood. She also remembers her mother, Mary Willard...