Service Learning Interview

This interview is with my uncle, Tuan Nguyen, age 41. The topics include thoughts about his childhood in Vietnam and immigration, alongside general life experiences.

US Hisotry – Oral Interview

Me interviewing my mom about how she grew up, immigration to the US, and historical events that affected her life.

immigrating to america interview

My name is Louise and my mother is Flavia. We are both first gen immigrants. in this interview, I interview her to tell us her story on what it was like moving to America and what it is also like...

Immigration Laos

interview about immigration Laos to US

Oral History Project

This is an interview I did as a class project. asking a first generation immigrant about their journey to the USA. He gave valuable insight on what its like to me a Mexican immigrant in the US.

Immigration from China to US

I interviewed my mom about her immigration from China to the US.

interview with José Panszi

I(Indy Widlansky, 17) interviewed my Abuelo(José Panszi, 83) about his immigration experience. Also, for whatever reason, I said 2003, but it’s 2023

Interview with Stephany Gonzalez and Catarina Juan

On May 14th, I, Stephany Gonzalez (16), interviewed my older cousin, Catarina Juan (20) for my Service Learning Project about Institutional Racism. She talked about the struggles of race and ethnicy she faced when she migrated to the United States...

Immigration From Italy to America, My grandparents Story

My aunt was speaking on behalf of my grandmother and grandfather (Nonno and Nonna). They had left Italy during the year of 1968, and traveled to Brooklyn NY, in order to provide for their family by working.