The Italian Student

A california high school student (16) talks with a friend across the sea, an Italian student studying science and math in Sardinia.

Interview with Grandma

An interview with Grandma about travels, childhood, and current world events

Gavin Wagner and Fran Furlan

Fran Furlan (81) chats with Gavin Wagner (18) about growing up in Italy, moving to the United States, and the transition that accompanied this change. The discussion migrates to Fran's life as a whole as she shares kind memories and...

River McNeely-Wiersema (6) interviews his great-grandmother Rina Pullia (85)

River McNeely-Wiersema (6) talks with his great-grandmother Rina Pullia (85) about her childhood in Carbonara di Bari, Italy, immigrating to the US, spring in Vermont and Chicago, climbing trees, and their favorite fruits. 2020-04-26

Robert Hellenga and Joseph Lennon. Hellenga, a novelist, was Lennon's English professor in the 1980s.

Robert Hellenga (78) talks with Joseph Lennon (51) about their friendship of 34 years. Hellenga taught Lennon from 1986-1990, and was his mentor. They talked about literature, pens, music, Italian food, and Knox College. Hellenga is in hospice with neuroendocrine...

My moms the best

Talking to my mom basically about her and a bunch of Italian things

Learning more about my mothers heritage

My mom talked about her family’s past and her family’s immigration to New York from Italy. She really presents a story about the “American Dream”

From New York to LA

On December 16, 2019 I interviewed my father Anthony J Salomone and he gives an insight on his Italian heritage and what it is like to be in Italian American in Southern California.