my cool grandma

I interviewed my grandma, Lauretta (Laura) to get to know a little more about her.

Caroline Lawley and her Grandmother Deanna Lawley talk about her life and past experiences

In this Interview, conducted in November 2023 in Blue Mountain Beach, Florida, Caroline Lawley (17) interviews her Grandmother Deanna Lawley (78) about her childhood, memories, and hopes for the future. Deanna Lawley shares what is important to her in addition...

Interview with Lucio Castanzo

Interviewing Lucio castanzo about his childhood and also talking about teaching. In the USA after going to Italy for three years when he was little

Dee Mantia Laidlaw: Living Life in Lucca
August 9, 2023 App Interview

Blessed with the opportunity for dual citizenship, Dee chose to learn Italian and spend time in Italy. Going to Italy on her own she loved living the Italian life.

Immigration From Italy to America, My grandparents Story

My aunt was speaking on behalf of my grandmother and grandfather (Nonno and Nonna). They had left Italy during the year of 1968, and traveled to Brooklyn NY, in order to provide for their family by working.

Interview with Carmela Escudero

Christian Escudero interviewed his grandmother, Carmela Escudero who is 77 years old from Pola, Italy. In the interview she explains her early life in Italy and the lessons she has learned on her way to the United States.

David Vigorito and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: IM David Vigorito talks about growing up in Massachusetts, to his brief time in Las Vegas, to returning to his home state. Although he discovered his passion for chess at the later age of 16,...

My Interview With My Grandmother

Joe Picone sits down to interview his grandmother Maria Lacroce about her life. She was born in Italy, immigrated to the USA in 1954 and spent her childhood in South Philadelphia.

The story of my Nonna coming to the Unites States from Italy 50 years ago

On December 25, 2022 in Columbia, Maryland, Adriana Smith (15) interviewed her grandmother Ornella Paliotta (69) about her early life in Italy during the Vietnam War, as well as her life in the United States, where she hoped to make...

Interviewing Sofia Solianyk

Taylor Myers interviewing Sofia Solianyk as freshman at the University of Detroit Mercy. Two 18 year old new friends in the Architecture program asking about international lifestyles and differences of cultures.