Great Grandmas Trip to Japan

Helen Jean Eli, age 85, who lives in Kansas, discusses her experience with nursing and her unplanned but exciting trip to Japan.

Jin Suk and Noa Suk

Noa Suk (16) interviews Jin Suk (51) about his experience growing up in different places, and his decision to get out of Korea.

Leah Okimoto and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Leah Okimoto was born in upstate New York, and after having to move to several places across the country, she settled in Marlboro, Massachusetts, where she cemented her childhood. In New York City, she pursued...

Language Partners Interview
December 3, 2022 App Interview

I, Shiori, and Ryota asked each other about our hobbies and share our life in the US, and 3 important things in our life.

Alexa, Adebowale, and Kanon interview

In this interview Alexa (US), Adebowale (Ivory Coast), and Kanon (Japan) talked about life in Mankato and other experiences.

Kenshin Sugimoto and Koushi Murayama(*Japanese)

Kenshin Sugimoto(13) talks with his grandfather, Koushi Murayama(78) about his childhood, and challenges he faced in life. He talks about how his family was poor, and how he came to work at a marketplace, and how he works as a...

Junko Takamatsu’s Story of America with her Granddaughter Lauren Kwong

Junko Takamatsu (age 74) is an Japanese American woman born after WWII. She shares her story of coming from Japan to the America. Her granddaughter, Lauren Kwong (age 16) asks her questions about her life in America.