Charles Carrington and Betsy Hastedt

Coworkers Charles Carrington (76) and Betsy Hastedt (72) discuss Charles's career and their time working together at Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center.

Professional Jazz Drummer

In January 2023 Will Thompson (16) interviewed his drum teacher, Dave Mohn (74) in New Hope, PA about his professional music career as a drummer in a Jazz Band. Dave was born on October 20th, 1948, and grew up in...

Thankful to be home

Amanda (37) interviews her dad Charlie (75) at the family farm. The first half of the interview didn’t record, but the second half is fun!

John Murchison and Mohamed Eldebek

Friends John Murchison (35) and Mohamed Eldebek (37) talk about finding a sense of home in Arabic music. They reflect on the shared philosophy of musicians, the experience of connecting to their audiences, and the impact of the pandemic on...

Pierrick Dutertre and Cathy Dutertre

Pierrick Dutertre (72) talks with his wife, artist collaborator and business partner, Cathy Dutertre (62) about being working artists, as photographers, mentoring other artists, teaching, serving others through art and their grandchildren.

Claudia Parvanta and Richard Harner

Claudia Parvanta (66) shares a conversation with her significant other, Richard Harner (86), about Richard’s family, his experience growing up in Iowa, how he became a doctor, his career, and his love of music.