Including Jesus in the leadership triangle

Adam Sauer, lead pastor of The Mount Church- focused on meeting people where they are and always looking “for one more,” discusses his take on leadership as it pertains to the leader, followers, environments, and the greatest leader of all...

The Story of Mary Jane Perry

We talked about her life as a little girl to her retirement, and a testimony as to how GOD has blessed her

Daniel Herrera and Todd Wynward

Friends Daniel “RYNO” Herrera (49) and Todd Wynward (56) come together to talk about their backgrounds, friendship, bringing value to their community, and the Watershed Way.

Bryson White and Taylor Dalton

Friends and colleagues Bryson White (40) and Taylor Dalton (37) discuss how their racial identity has influenced their understanding of their Christian faith throughout their lives.

Questions for Mom

We talked about the type of games my mom played as a child. We also talked about accepting Jesus into our hearts.

Interviewing Dynamic Dani

In this interview, we talked about how Jesus has influenced Dani and her life

Interview with my Dad

Family and childhood memories. How people impacted my fathers life