The Things We Already Know

Xocoyotzin Herrera-Saldivar (17) talks with his sister Quetzalli (24) about her life, his own experiences, and how they are intertwined.

Janice’s Story: The Picture

Janice tells a story about a memorable photograph she took while visiting a village in Liberia, Africa. The story is a snapshot of the Liberian bush in 1972.

Post eclipse ride

mother and daughter, Lilian and Genevieve, talk about their favorite things like stories, food and family while on a road trip.

Patrick Duganz (39) and Grayson Duganz (10) 2/1/24

Patrick Duganz interviews his song Grayson who was six when the pandemic began. Grayson discusses the upsides of the pandemic (home, and games) and the downsides (school, being advanced for school after the pandemic).

Joy Zhao and Sandra Zhao

Joy Zhao (17) chats with her older sibling Sandra Zhao (25) about life experiences: past and present, regrets and hopes and dreams.

Interview with Steven C. Hayes

Interview with 75-year-old psychologist Steven C. Hayes, by his son, 18-year-old Steven Pistorello-Hayes. Discussed stories from his early life, his proudest accomplishments, and some of his perspectives on life in general.

Alan Crichton and Buddy Spaulding

One Small Step conversation partners Buddy Spaulding (64) and Alan Crichton (77) talk about engineering and art and applications in life, as well as religion and religious values, especially related to personal beliefs and complex social issues.