StoryCorps Interview with my Cousin

In this interview, conducted on April 1, recorded by Allen (13) in Michigan interviewed by Cathy (30) in Washington DC, about her personality and life experiences. She shares her life experiences and what she has learned from them in the...

Service learning project about my mom, Pattinee Suvansingh

This is an interview about my mom and her life as she moved from Thailand to America. For the Service Learning project; Grover Cleveland Charter HS.

“It wasn’t easy” – Growing up in New York

My grandfather talks about the changes he experienced and how difficult life was growing up in New York with nothing. He discusses his relationship with his brother and some stories from schooling in Cuba. How he managed to overcome immense...

Zach Comi and his mom, Melissa Comi talk about her life.

In this interview, on November 25, 2018, in Lansdowne VA. Zach Comi interviews his mom Melissa Comi. They talk about her husband, jobs, childhood, and memories.


We discussed Thomas’s childhood and how he grew up. We also discussed his hopes and dreams and what he wants to do with his life.

Savannah and Grandma Lynn talk about how she grew up and how she became a nurse.

My grandmother is my biggest inspiration to go into the medical field. I wanted to know what her inspiration was and how she got into nursing. She worked as a nurse at the local hospital for many years before she...

Erica Heath Interviewing Dad

I am 21 years old interviewing my Dad who is 67. Ps: he felt the inspiration to give me more golf tips after the interview