A childhood to remember " Lainey Sullivan & Mike Sullivan"

Today I am talking with my dad about him moving and giving the pros and cons about moving a lot as a child. We talked about his favorite places that he has lived, and especially the hard times and thoughts...

Recording – 12-28-2023 13:56:21

Alice is 16 and my mom is 41 and our relationship is mom and daughter. My mom was a Latvian(Was born when it was still Russia at the time) and this is about her story on her moving to the...

Gio’s Journey

This is an interview with my brother, Giovanni Jimenez, 20, about his journey as a music major.

The Life of My Mother

In this interview, my mother talks about her journey as a kid of 9 in a poor family growing up in Malaysia, to a graduate student majoring in Computer Science in the United States. She also elaborates on who shaped...

Patrese Griffin and Ed Genesis

Patrese Griffin (41) speaks with her husband, Ed Genesis [no age given], about where they each were in life when they first met, the work they have been able to do together since meeting, and how they balance helping others...

Interview with Gma

My grandma talks about her life journey and memorable events along the way

Wylene Carol and Floyd Tunson

Best friends Wylene Carol (81) and Floyd Tunson (76) reflect on Floyd’s journey as an eclectic artist, how identity and location factor into success in the art world, and working together for the past 45 years.

Bob Brick and Sunny Hwang

Bob Brick and Sunny Hwang talks about their passions and what their journey is/was like to find their passions.

Interview with my Grandfather Edward

This is an interview with my grandfather about his incredible journey from Iran to the United States.