Ian Eddy and William Mullings

One Small Step conversation partners William Mullings (61) and Ian Eddy (36) discuss how their fathers were the most influential people in their lives, what being a Christian Conservative means, and how they are both troubled by some views held...

Jill Charmayne Dawkins Henderson and Philbert "PJ" Henderson Jr.

Philbert “PJ” Henderson Jr. (32) interviews his mother, Jill Charmayne Dawkins Henderson (57), about her life experiences and the evolution of The Bakari Foundation. They also talk about the death of Bakari Henderson and the importance of continuing to grow...

Paula Studebaker and Betty Burrell

One Small Step partners Paula Studebaker (54) and Betty Burrell (62) discuss their childhoods, careers, role models, children, and personal values.

Phil Boss and Jen Guinea

Phil talks with Jen about his long career, and how his personal value of justice impacts all he does. They dicsuss racism, diversity, health equity and how he has grown over the years (and how Providence has grown).