interview with mom

My mother name is Francisca Torres. My mom is 46 years old. On November 26 2023 we talked about how her life was and how being a mother also her work.

The wonders of Abraham Morales

Six year old Abraham talks about his obsession with dinosaurs and allows us to get to know him.

My Momma and her past.

Listen to my mom and I have a good time listening to stories about part of her past.

Recording – 11-22-2023 08:15:16

Halle (19), interviews her great grandma Polly (88), about growing up in small town rural Oklahoma. We talk about everything from getting married at 15 to finding out she was going to be a grandma at 36.

Interviewing my mom
September 21, 2023 App Interview

I(14) interview my mom(42) about multiple different topics. Topics such as her happiest moment, the day I was born, and more.

Juniper Fields

This interview was of Juniper Fields, age 11. She was interviewed by, Erika Fields, her mother. Juniper speaks about her hobbies of crochet and crafting costumes.

Cindy Taylor and Bobby Putrino

[Recorded Tuesday, May 16, 2023] Cindy (63) and Bobby (51) have a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Cindy is a writer and cares deeply about social justice, equity, and being involved with local nonprofits. Bobby is a husband...

Eddie cabal interview

The participant I interviewed was Eddie Cabal. He is 51 years old and is my father. A couple things that were discussed were some of the times he remembered while growing up.

my mom’s life

what I had learned about my mother yvette today is that she hated school and chose a job that had the least writing and note taking and honestly don't blame her but I'm proud that she still continued to go...