Mother and Daughter Talk About Growing Up

My mother and I discussed many things in this interview, but the most important to me was the way she talked about her family. She spoke about how her mother was one of the most important people in her life,...

Geronima Lopez, Marcos Monterroza, Marga Biller, and Mia "M.R." Raquel

Geronima Lopez (64) conversa con su hijo, Marcoz Monterroza (25), y sus amigas, Marga Biller (63) y Mia "M.R." Raquel (25), sobre su viaje de Guatemala a Estados Unidos. [Geronima Lopez (64) talks with her son, Marcoz Monterroza (25), and...

Talk with my Dad

We had a nice conversation about people in his life, his favorite memory, what he’s most proud of, how he would like to be remembered, and what he would say to me if this was our last conversation.


I interviewed my mom today and we talked about things that happened in our life.

My Mom’s Story

My mom and I talked about her life and what she has learned from it. She started off talking about kindness and how she has learned that from people in her life. We then touched on family and the impact...

Thanksgiving listen interview

We talked about my mother’s life and the hardships she faced and the life lessons she learned to pass along kindness to her children

Life stories of a Mississippi Mother

In this interview I ask my mom questions about her life. I lean a few things I didn’t previously know about her and I think it’s brought our connect closer. We had a small talk about some of her life...

ENGL 2350 Interview. Nina Nestorowich

Interview about life advice and how different generations can learn from one another.