For The Dreamers

Guadalupe Altamirano Gutierrez joins Eliana Nunez in discussing her important dreams that have come to life.

Benjamin Marshall & Laura Smith

Laura recently met Benjamin, who went to school with her brother, Berkeley, who has Down syndrome. Benjamin sat next to Berkeley in sixth grade and he talked about the impact that year had on his life. Because of his exposure...


Mary Devine is interviewing her 20 year old cousin Cailyn Decker about the ups and downs of college and all of the interesting things that she learns at the Culinary Institute of America.

Melissa Coleman and Christa Galipeau

One Small Step conversation partners Melissa Coleman (54) and Christa Galipeau (49) talk about growing up on farms, connection to place, disillusionment with political parties, communicating with others, and parenting twins.

Eli’s Interview of Aubby- 11-24-2023 11:01:18

Eli was interviewing his grandfather about his life. There were questions like what he was most proud of and what he was most grateful for.

Johnson wyatt

brock is a 14 year old teenager that wants to changed the fact we have so much homework. He also said that he also was having a good day so this helped us record. He wants to graduate and in...


Karlie Kitchens age 20, Jack Lindquist age 20. In a relationship. I asked about what he would want to pass down to his future grandchildren and how he would want them to remember him.

Christina Thomason and Angelia Smith

Best friends for over 30 years Christy Thomason (42) and Angelia "Angie" Smith (42) discuss what they have learned from their friendship and Angie's role as an advocate for her community in Mobile, Alabama.