Laura Keadle and Kathleen Peake

One Small Step conversation partners Laura Keadle (64) and Kathleen Peake (65) talk about their shared sense of adventure, rebelling against spaces that do not traditionally welcome women, and desiring civility in political discussions.

Ivan’s Story

I (Grace Barham) interviewed Ivan barham who is my brother. Ivan is 15 and is currently in high school. During our interview we discussed his challenges with growing up and his feelings towards boxing which is the current sport he...

Donna McClure and Robert Vaughn

One Small Step conversation partners Donna McClure (58) and Robert Vaughn (70) discuss political systems like capitalism, crypto-currency, and economics and public policy. They consider starting a "common sense" party together.

Rachel Manchester and Melody Fawcett

Rachel Manchester shares about her career at Providence foundational is her faith, Start-up program Hospital At Home. happiness is a choice, clinical excellence, passion for living our Mission our true source of power, God, a calling, serving, leaving things better...

Random questions with my mom

Jackson Smith interviewing his mom Julie Smith about her life. Made at my kitchen table with fun. The date this was made is 1/10/23. This interview gives information about my mom and her life as she was growing up and...

Family Chat With Gram

In this interview Skylar High(16) and her grandmother, Susan High(82), discuss honorability, love, and always trusting yourself. Even in difficult time it is imperative to hold on to hope and even in bleak times there are still kind people in...

December 6, 2022 App Interview

Alp Acar, aged 14 interviewed his mother, Selin Acar, aged 50 at their home in California. Alp asked his mother about her memories from different stage of her life and any advice she has for him. Selin talked about what...

Interview with Karalena final

My interviewee was Karalena Giroux. She is 19 and we grew up in the same town. We discussed her life and her perspectives because of it.