Immigrant interview

Life when my mom came to the U.S. and what she did

Mason Dunn and Grace Sterling Stowell

Mason Dunn (35) interviews his friend and mentor, Grace Sterling Stowell (63), about the way that language helps in developing personal identity and the shifts that language has taken in the last 4 decades in the wider LGBTQ+ movement.

Anthony Richardson-Eckes and Cornelius Holmes
August 27, 2020 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Anthony "Tony" Richardson-Eckes (35) and Cornelius "Neal" Holmes (42) share their experiences of feeling like outsiders, as an immigrant and a Black man.

Andi Hoelzel and Weyni Kahsay

Mentor Andi Hoelzel (38) and her mentee, Weyni Kahsay (18) discuss Weyni's experience in the United States since moving from Ethiopia.

UNCA LANG interview Rachel and Katie

We shared with each other a story about an experience that changed the way we think about writing, reading, communication, or education. I recorded it on my computer using Quicktime Player and Katie was over the phone on speaker. We...

Global Arizona, SGS 101

We talked with Susan about global relations between Russian speaking countries and the rest of the world, as well as Arizona in relation to the rest of the world.